Welcome to the Pony Tales Podcast!

Launched in November 2020, the Pony Tales Podcast is the place for people who sold books door-to-door to share their stories and lessons learned from their days on the book field.

Around here, we take ownership, we believe in openness, and we keep it 100.


Andrés Gamboa Barrera is the creator and host of the Pony Tales Podcast. A four-summer bookman with the FORCE organization, he has a degree in Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln during his time selling books. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Andrés and his family came to a small town in Nebraska when he was in elementary school; a harrowing story he shared in his recent best-seller, The Cost of Citizenship. In addition to being a published author, Andrés loves to make people laugh as a stand-up comedian. Andrés currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his beautiful wife, Brianna, and awesome dogs, Goku and Bulma.


NamJam is our BIZZLER queen and helps keep the team movin ‘n groovin. She sold books for 5 years with Eagle Blitz, and studied Music Theory at Palm Beach Atlantic University. More importantly, her mission is to help creators achieve their goals before she opens her facility to help local creators have a space to express their art freely. She is a Florida girl through and through, enjoys adventuring around the world, and loves people relentlessly aspiring to help everyone feel valued. Naomi currently lives in Miami where she can get her toes sandy and smell the salt in the air.


Amy Lester serves as the Producer for the Pony Tales Podcast. She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a couple of times. Amy has traveled to over 25 countries and really enjoys learning new things and keeping them organized. While she didn’t sell books, she has loved being adopted into this crazy SW Culture and finds so many of the lessons shared on the podcast to be valuable across all walks of life. Find her in a hot yoga studio or in a enarby coffee shop.


Heather is the Beer-Creator for PTP! She’s also head of all things Stable for our guests and Patreons of the podcast. After hanging up the book bag, she relocated to the Greater Bay Area (West Coast best coast!) and began work as an Art Therapist which led her to pursue a degree in psychology. Upon her degree completion, Heather took up her favorite hobby of brewing beer for fun and partnered with PTP to create several exclusive beer lines. She finds that brewing beer is a fascinating and beautiful blend between science and art.